About Our Directors



Nancy Schiller




“When I was 34 and had my fourth baby – tennis was my chosen way to lose “baby fat”; I took a lesson at Anaheim Hills Racquet Club, learned how to keep the ball in the court and haven’t stopped playing yet. Since I joined the Yorba Linda CC and played tennis there for over 20 years. In the midst of all this I was accepted as the Ex. Secretary and Asst. Manager at Sunny Hills Racquet Club in Fullerton, CA (a 10 year career). I played tennis non-stop at both clubs including USTA 4.0 team tennis and was team captain many times over the years. I co-hosted events with the Gen. Mgr. and Tennis Pros at both facilities and needless to say, I have had a great time enjoying my tennis life on and off the courts.



Stormy Wade




I have played tennis in Havasu since 1979.  We had a great venue at the London Bridge Racquet Club for many years.  In conjunction with Parks and Recreation Dept and  our high school we received a Heritage Grant to build 8 tennis courts.  Our many tennis players decided to form a club to oversee the building of the courts and maintain the courts for everyone to enjoy.  I was nominated president of the organization.  Our membership started with twenty tennis players, today we have well over 100.  



Ann Wade

Event Planner



I started tennis in my late fifties. My main goal was to get as many people involved in this great game. I started Monday night tennis and had 7 courts every Monday night, and this is how we got our members. At this time we still had the private club, many of us played both venues. Just two years later the private club closed. Our only courts in Havasu were at the high school.  I also believe it is fun to socialize, hence Stormy and I like to host events in our home. 



Karen Constant

Secretary Treasurer

Database Admin





I am new to Tennis.  I was taught how to play Tennis in November 2013 by Gary Ramsfield.  It then became a passion for me.  I love playing Singles but also will play Doubles.