Lake Havasu Tennis Association was founded in 2000.  To insure we will always have courts, a tennis association was formed early in the year 2000.  Our Association is responsible for purchasing and installing the nets, screens, the caddies, the trash receptacles and the smaller equipment to sweep and dry the courts.  We have the nets repaired regularly and have purchased two extra nets so the courts will never be without.  We also have purchased a ball machine for use by the members.  With combined funds from Lake Havasu Parks and Recreation and the LHTA, we have purchased industrial strength blower to keep the courts clean.  In 2007, LHTA and Lake Havasu Parks and Rec jointly purchased the backboard on court 8 for members and public use.

Our yearly dues are very minimal to accomplish our goals of always having public tennis courts in Lake Havasu City.  We are a non-profit organization and all monies are used for maintenance of the courts and for tennis association member activities.  

Please join our efforts to keep tennis alive in Lake Havasu City.  the more members we have, the larger a voice we will always have in Lake Havasu City for tennis to be available to the public! 

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